Technical Program


IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS)
14-16 December 2021, Beijing

Technical Program

Day 1: Tuesday, 14 December 2021


08:30AM-08:40AM | Opening Session

Online Room: opening Link

Opening Session...

08:40AM-09:30AM | Keynote 1

Online Room: keynote 1 Link

Keynote 1: IoT + AI: Explorations and Prospects, Huadong Ma

09:30AM-10:20AM | Keynote 2

Online Room: keynote 2 Link

Keynote 2:Engineering Efforts on AI-assisted Scientific Computing, Linfeng Zhang

10:20AM-11:00AM | Best Paper Award Session

Online Room: best paper Link

Best Paper...

11:00AM-11:50AM | Keynote 3

Online Room: keynote 3 Link

Keynote 3:Some recent results on AI security, Sheng Zhong

2:00PM-3:00PM | Session1: Security I

Online Room: session 1 Link

Session Chair: Yujian Zhang (Southeast University)

Multi-Level IoT Device Identification

Authors: Ruohong Jiao, Zhe Liu, Liang Liu, Chunpeng Ge (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics); Gerhard P. Hancke (City University of Hong Kong)

TSC-ECFA:A Trusted Service Composition Scheme for Edge Cloud

Authors: Yu Jiang, Xiaolong Xu, Kunda Lin, Weihua Duan (Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications)

Jyane: Detecting Reentrancy vulnerabilities based on path profiling method

Authors: Yicheng Fang, Chunping Wang, Zhe Sun, Hongbing Cheng (Zhejiang University of Technology)

A User-related Semantic Location Privacy Protection Method In Location-based Service

Authors: xudong yang, ling gao, hai wang, jie zheng, yan li, Jipeng xu (norhwest university)

Trusted Sliding-Window Aggregation over Blockchains

Authors: Qifeng Shao, Zhao Zhang, Cheqing Jin, Aoying Zhou (East China Normal University)

2:00PM-3:00PM | Session2: IoT and CPS I

Online Room: session 2 Link

Session Chair: Wan Du (University of California, Merced)

xRSA: Construct Larger Bits RSA on Low-Cost Devices

Authors: Fan Dang (Tsinghua University); Lingkun Li (Michigan State University); Jiajie Chen (Tsinghua University)

Constrained Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Managing Electric Self-Driving Taxis

Authors: Zhaoxing Yang, Guiyun Fan, Haiming Jin (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

FerryLink: Combating Link Degradation for Practical LPWAN Deployments

Authors: Jing Yang, Zhenqiang Xu (Tsinghua university); Jiliang Wang (Tsinghua University)

Measuring and Modeling Multipath of Wi-Fi to Locate People in Indoor Environments

Authors: Xiaoyu Ma, Hui He, Hui Zhang, Wei Xi, Zuhao Chen, Jizhong Zhao (Xi'an Jiaotong University)

Underwater Real-time Video Transmission via Optical Channels with Swarms of AUVs

Authors: Xu Wang, Hanjiang Luo, Yuting Yang (College of Computer Science and Engineering, Shandong University of Science and Technology); Rukhsana Ruby, Kaishun Wu (College of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Shenzhen University)

3:05PM-4:05PM | Session3: Big Data and Machine Learning Systems I

Online Room: session 3 Link

Session Chair: Ruiting Zhou (Wuhan University)

Clustered Federated Multi-Task Learning with Non-IID Data

Authors: Yao Xiao (Harbin Institute of Technology); Jiangang Shu (Peng Cheng National Laboratory); Xiaohua Jia (City University of Hong Kong); Hejiao Huang (Harbin Institute of Technology)

ATO-EDGE: Adaptive Task Offloading for Deep Learning in Resource-Constrained Edge Computing Systems

Authors: Yihao Wang, Ling Gao (Northwest University); Jie Ren (ShaanXi Normal University); Rui Cao, Hai Wang, Jie Zheng (Northwest University); Quanli Gao (Xian Polytechnic University)

Subdomain Adaptive Learning Network for Cross-Domain Human Activities Recognition Using WiFi with CSI

Authors: Lin Li, Lei Wang, Bin Han, Xinxin Lu, Zhiyi Zhou, Bingxian Lu(Dalian University of Technology)

Byzantine-robust Federated Learning through Spatial-temporal Analysis of Local Model Updates

Authors: Zhuohang Li (University of Tennessee, Knoxville); Luyang Liu (Google Research); Jiaxin Zhang (Oak Ridge National Laboratory); Jian Liu (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)

Efficient Asynchronous GCN Training on a GPU Cluster

Authors: Yi Zhang, Dhrubajyoti Goswami (Concordia University, Montreal)

3:05PM-4:05PM | Session4: System and Applied Data Science I

Online Room: session 4 Link

Session Chair: Linghe Kong (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Improving Restore Performance of Deduplication Systems via a Greedy Rewrite Scheme

Authors: Lifang Lin, Yuhui Deng (department of computer science Jinan University); Yi Zhou (TSYS School of Computer Science,Columbus State University)

Reno: An RDMA-Enabled, Non-Volatile Memory-Optimized Key-Value Store

Authors: Rulin Huang, Kaixin Huang, Jingyu Wang, Yuting Chen (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Traffic Congestion Prediction: A Spatial-Temporal Context Embedding and Metric Learning Approach

Authors: Hongsheng Hao, Liang Wang (Northwestern Polytechnical University); Zenggang Xia (Xi'an University of Science and Technology); Zhiwen Yu, Jianhua Gu, Ning Fu (Northwestern Polytechnical University)

UniGPS: A Unified Programming Framework for Distributed Graph Processing

Authors: Zhaokang Wang, Junhong Li, Yifan Qi, Guanghui Zhu, Chunfeng Yuan, Yihua Huang (Nanjing University)

Spring Buddy: A Self-Adaptive Elastic Memory Management Scheme for Efficient Concurrent Allocation/Deallocation in Cloud Computing Systems

Authors: Yihui Lu, Weidong Liu, Chentao Wu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University); Jia Wang, Xiaoming Gao (Tencent Inc.); Jie Li, Minyi Guo (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

4:20PM-5:35PM | Session5: High Performance Computing I

Online Room: session 5 Link

Session Chair: Zhimeng Yin (City University of Hong Kong)

A Gather Accelerator for GNNs on FPGA Platform

Authors: Wei Yuan, Teng Tian, Huawen Liang, Xi Jin (USTC)

Stable Cuckoo Filter for Data Streams

Authors: Shangsen Li, Lailong Luo, Deke Guo (National University of Defense Technology); Yawei Zhao (China Electronic Equipment System Engineering Company)

Building Agile Workflow Microservice System for HPC Applications Based on Fast-start OSv

Authors: qiang hu (UCAS); lixian ma, En Shao, Guangming Tan, Ninghui Sun (CAS)

RAEF: Energy-efficient Resource Allocation through Energy Fungibility in Serverless

Authors: Xuechao Jia, Laiping Zhao (Tianjin University)

Infinileap: Modern High-Performance Networking for Distributed Java Applications based on RDMA

Authors: Filip Krakowski, Fabian Ruhland (Research Assistant (PhD)); Michael Schöttner (Professor)

Deep Reinforcement Agent for Failure-aware Job scheduling in High-Performance Computing

Authors: Kang Yang (ICT, CAS); Ronnie Cao (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences); Yueyuan Zhou, Jiawei Zhang, En Shao, Guangming Tan (ICT, CAS)

4:20PM-5:35PM | Session6: Algorithms and Protocols I

Online Room: session 6 Link

Session Chair: Haipeng Dai (Nanjing University)

Efficient and Parallel Separable Dictionary Learning

Authors: Cristian Rusu (University Politechnica of Bucharest); Paul Irofti (University of Bucharest)

A Framework for Evaluating BFT

Authors: James R. Clavin (University of Maryland, Baltimore County); Yue Huang (Shandong Institute of Blockchain); Xin Wang, Pradeep M. Prakash (University of Maryland, Baltimore County); Sisi Duan (Tsinghua University); Jianwu Wang (University of Maryland, Baltimore County); Sean Peisert (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and University of California)

Dynamic Push for HTTP Adaptive Streaming with Deep Reinforcement Learning

Authors: Haipeng Du, Danfu Yuan, Weizhan Zhang, Qinghua Zheng (School of Computer Science and Technology, SPKLSTN Lab,Xi'an Jiaotong University)

Efficient Two-Dimensional Self-Stabilizing Byzantine Clock Synchronization in WALDEN

Authors: Shaolin Yu, Jihong Zhu, Jiali Yang (Tsinghua university)

TRAN: Task Replication with Guarantee via Multi-armed Bandit

Authors: Yitong Zhou (State Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology, Nanjing University); Bowen Peng (Nanjing Foreign Language School); Jingmian Wang (State Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology, Nanjing University); Weiwei Miao, Zeng Zeng (State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Co. Ltd. Information and Telecommunication); Yibo Jin, Sheng Zhang, Zhuzhong Qian (State Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology, Nanjing University)

Onion: Dependency-Aware Reliable Communication Protocol for Magnetic MIMO WPT System

Authors: Xiaolun Liang, Hao Zhou, Wangqiu Zhou, Xiang Cui (University of Science and Technology of China); Zhi Liu (The University of Electro-Communications); Xiang-Yang Li (University of Science and Technology of China)

Day 2: Wednesday, 15 December 2021

09:00AM-10:15AM | Session7: Cloud and Edge I

Online Room: session 7 Link

Session Chair: Yupeng Li (Hong Kong Baptist University)

IndigoStore: Latency Optimized Distributed Storage Backend for Cloud-Scale Block Storage

Authors: Yichao Li(Didi Chuxing), Li Wang(Didi Chuxing), Fanfan Cheng (Didi Chuxing),Ji Wu(NUDT),Yiyun Zhang(NUDT),Yiming Zhang(NUDT)

Two-Layer Traffic Signal Optimization: A Edge-assisted Pressure Balance Approach Based on Cooperative Game

Authors: Zhen Han, Mingjun Xiao, Haisheng Tan (University of Science and Technology of China, China); Guoju Gao (Soochow University)

Minimizing Play Request Rejection through Workload Splitting in Edge-Cloud Gaming

Authors: Iryanto Jaya (Nanyang Technological University); Yusen Li (Nankai University); Wentong Cai (Nanyang Technological University)

Collaborative Framework of Cloud Transcoding and Distribution Supporting Cost-Efficient Crowdsourced Live Streaming

Authors: Jiannan Zheng, Haitao Zhang, Yilin Jin, Huadong Ma (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)

Joint Optimization of Auto-Scaling and Adaptive Service Placement in Edge Computing

Authors: Ye Li, Haitao Zhang, Wei Tian, Huadong Ma (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)

MobiEdge: Mobile Service Provisioning for Edge Clouds with Time-varying Service Demands

Authors: Tao Wu (National University of Defense Technology); Xiaochen Fan (Centre for Assessment and Demonstration Research, Academy of Military Science); Yuben Qu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University); Panlong Yang (University of Science and Technology of China)

09:00AM-10:15AM | Session8: High Performance Computing II

Online Room: session 8 Link

Session Chair: En Shao (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Improving HPC System Throughput and Response Time using Memory Disaggregation

Authors: Felippe Vieira Zacarais (UPC/BSC); Paul Carpenter (BSC); Vinicius Petrucci (University of Pittsburgh)

IObrain: An Intelligent Lightweight I/O Recommendation System based on Decision Tree

Authors: Yiting Huang, Zhiwen Wang, Yuguo Li, Junlang Huang, Dingding Li, Yong Tang (South China Normal University); Deze Zeng (China University of Geosciences)

IAAT: A Input-Aware Adaptive Tuning framework for Small GEMM

Authors: Jianyu Yao (SKL of Computer Architecture, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences); Boqian Shi (Indiana University Bloomington); Chunyang Xiang (SKL of Computer Architecture, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences); Haipeng Jia (SKL of Computer Architecture, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences); Chendi Li, Hang Cao (SKL of Computer Architecture, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences); Yunquan Zhang (SKL of Computer Architecture, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

BSDP:A Novel Balanced Spark Data Partitioner

Authors: Aibo Song (School of Computer Science and Engineering in Southeast University); Bowen Peng (Nanjing Foreign Language School); Jingyi Qiu, Yingying Xue, Mingyang Du (School of Computer Science and Engineering in Southeast University)

AMF-CSR: Adaptive Multi-Row Folding of CSRfor SpMV on GPU

Authors: Jianhua Gao, Weixing Ji, Jie Liu, Senhao Shao, Yizhuo Wang, Feng Shi (Beijing Institute of Technology)

10:25AM-11:10AM | Keynote 4

Online Room: keynote 4 Link

Keynote 4: Blockchain Technology and System, Keqiu Li

11:15AM-12:00AM | Keynote 5

Online Room: keynote 5 Link

Keynote 5: Clear way to overtake based on the technology of flexible electronics, WeiHuang

2:00PM-3:00PM | Session9: IoT and CPS II

Online Room: session 9 Link

Session Chair: Kaikai Chi (Zhejiang University of Technology)

MVSAS: Semantic-Aware Scheduling for Low Latency and High Precision in Wireless Multi-View Applications

Authors: Xiuxian Guan, Shengliang Deng, Zekai Sun, Shixiong Zhao, Tszon Li, Tianxiang Shen, Yuexuan Wang (The University of Hong Kong); Rui Wang (The Southern University of Science and Technology); Heming Cui (The University of Hong Kong)

Wi-Fi Fingerprint Update for Indoor Localization via Domain Adaptation

Authors: Yu Tian, Jiankun Wang, Zenghua Zhao (Tianjin University)

WiBWi: Encoding-based Bidirectional Physical-Layer Cross-Technology Communication between WiFi and BLE

Authors: Yuanhe Shu, Jingwei Wang, Linghe Kong, Jiadi Yu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University); Guisong Yang (University of Shanghai for Science and Technology); Yueping Cai (Chongqing University); Zhen Wang (Instrumentation Technology and Economy Institute); Muhammad Khurram Khan (King Saud University)

MTPGait: Multi-person Gait Recognition with Spatio-temporal Information via Millimeter Wave Radar

Authors: Tao Li, Xu Cao, Haisong Liu, Chenqi Shi, Pengpeng Chen (China University of Mining and Technology)

WiRN: Real-Time and Lightweight Geture Detection System on Edge device

Authors: Qing Yang, Tianzhang Xing (Northwest University); Zhiping Jiang (Xidian University); Xinhua Fu, Jingyi He (Northwest University)

2:00PM-3:00PM | Session10: Big Data and Machine Learning Systems II

Online Room: session 10 Link

Session Chair: Xiaowen Chu (Hong Kong Baptist University)

Predicting Downside in Stock Market Using Knowledge and News Data

Authors: Xinlin Li, Shuqi Liu (City University of Hong Kong); Xinyi Zhang (Capital University of Economics and Business); Linqi Song (City University of Hong Kong)

LinkStream: A Liquidity Modeling System on Large-Scale Video Stream in Oilfield

Authors: Hao Yuan, Qiang Ma, Zhe Hu, Xiaoxiang Li, Xu Wang (Tsinghua University)

An Efficient Adaptive Noise Correction Framework for Size Measurement over Data Streams

Authors: Shenghui Xu, He Huang, Yu-E Sun, Yang Du, Guoju Gao, Xiaoyu Wang (Soochow University, China); Shiping Chen (University of Shanghai for Science and Technology)

A Forecasting Method of Dual Traffic Condition Indicators Based on Ensemble Learning

Authors: Chuanhao Dong, Zhiqiang Lv, Jianbo Li (Qingdao university)

Effective Anomaly Detection Based on Reinforcement Learning in Network Traffic Data

Authors: Zhongyang Wang, Yijie Wang, Hongzuo Xu, Yongjun Wang (National University of Defense Technology)

3:05PM-4:05PM | Session11: System and Applied Data Science II

Online Room: session 11 Link

Session Chair: Shuai Wang (Southeast University)

Sensitivity loss training based implicit feedback

Authors: Kun Li, Nan Wang, Xinyu Liu (Heilongjiang University)

Choosing Appropriate AI-enabled Edge Devices, Not the Costly Ones

Authors: Ziyang Zhang, Feng Li, Changyao Lin (School of Computer Science and Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China); Shihui Wen, Xiangyu Liu (School of Astronautics, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China); Jie Liu (Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen, China)

Passenger Payment Willingness Prediction by Static and Dynamic Multi-dimensional Ticket Attributes Fusion

Authors: Botong Chang (Beijing Engineering Research Center of Civil Aviation Big Data, CAAC TravelSky Technology Limited); Jiahe Zhang, Chi Harold Liu (Beijing Institute of Technology)

JointCS :Joint Search for Deep Model Compression and Segmentation on Heterogeneous IoT Devices

Authors: xinyu Li, bin Guo, sicong Liu, chen Qiu, yunji liang, zhiwen Yu (Northwestern Polytechnical University)

DoseGuide: A Graph-based Dynamic Time-aware Prediction System for Postoperative Pain

Authors: Ziyi Zhou, Baoshen Guo (School of Computer Science and Engineering, Southeast University); Cao Zhang (The Fourth Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine)

3:05PM-4:05PM | Session12: Security II

Online Room: session 12 Link

Session Chair: Fei Tong (Southeast University)

IAP: Instant Auditing Protocol for Anonymous Payments

Authors: Ping Zhong, Bo Wang, Anning Wang (Central South University); Yiming Zhang (National University of Defense Technology); Shengyun Liu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University); Qikai Zhong (Central South University); Xuping Tu (Nicex Lab)

Efficient Implementation of Kyber on Mobile Devices

Authors: Lirui Zhao, Jipeng Zhang (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics); Junhao Huang (Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College); Zhe Liu (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics); Gerhard Hancke (City University of Hong Kong)

Post-Quantum User Authentication and Key Exchange Based on Consortium Blockchain

Authors: Shiwei Xu, Ao Sun, Xiaowen Cai (College of Informatics, Huazhong Agricultural University); Zhengwei Ren (School of Computer Science and Technology, Wuhan University of Science and Technology); Yizhi Zhao (College of Informatics, Huazhong Agricultural University); Jianying Zhou (Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore)

RTPoW : A Proof-of-Work Consensus Scheme with Real-Time Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm

Authors: Weijia Feng, Zhenfu Cao, Jiachen Shen, Xiaolei Dong (East China Normal University)

Iris Protection with Verisimilar Feature Structure

Authors: Jun Gu, Heng Zhang (Jiangsu Ocean University); Zhikun Zhang (CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security); Jian Zhang, Hongran Li (Jiangsu Ocean University)

Protecting Resources Against Volumetric and Non-volumetric Network Attacks

Authors: Rajorshi Biswas (Penn State Berks); Jie Wu (Temple University)

4:20PM-5:35PM | Session13: Algorithms and Protocols II

Online Room: session 13 Link

Session Chair: Yuben Qu (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics)

STGE: Sensor Topology and Graph Embedding Learning with Heterogeneous Smart Environment

Authors: Xiao Wang, Sheng Zhang (Shenzhen International Graduate School, Tsinghua University; Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University;); Yi Pan, Zeyu Lin (Shenzhen International Graduate School, Tsinghua University)

ECRaft: A Raft Based Consensus Protocol for Highly Available and Reliable Erasure-Coded Storage Systems

Authors: Mingwei Xu, Yu Zhou, Yuanyuan Qiao (School of Artificial Intelligence, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications); Kai Xu, Yu Wang (Aisino Corporation); Jie Yang (School of Artificial Intelligence, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)

Boosting Byzantine Protocols in Large Sparse Networks with High System Assumption Coverage

Authors: Shaolin Yu, Jihong Zhu, Jiali Yang, Yulong Zhan (Tsinghua University)

On Consensus Number 1 Objects

Authors: Pankaj Khanchandani (Adobe Systems); Jan Schaeppi, Ye Wang, Roger Wattenhofer (ETH Zurich)

ALSTM: An Attention-based LSTM Model for Multi-Scenario Bandwidth Prediction

Authors: Penghui Li, Xianliang Jiang, Guang Jin, Yan Yu, Zhijun Xie (Ningbo University)

STNN: A Spatial-Temporal Graph Neural Network for Traffic Prediction

Authors: Xueyan Yin, Feifan Li, Genze Wu, Pengfei Wang, Yanming Shen, Heng Qi, Baocai Yin (Dalian University of Technology)

4:20PM-5:35PM | Session14: Session14: Cloud and Edge II

Online Room: session 14 Link

Session Chair: Zehua Guo (Beijing Institute of Technology)

Gain Without Pain : Enabling Real-time Environmental Perception on 2x Mobile Devices in Multiplayer Augmented Reality

Authors: Liang Dong, Xinjun Cai, Zheng Yang (Tsinghua University)

Dependency-Aware Hybrid Task Offloading in Mobile Edge Computing Networks

Authors: Zhao Ming, Xiuhua Li, Chuan Sun, Qilin Fan (Chongqing University); Xiaofei Wang (Tianjin University); Victor C. M. Leung (Shenzhen University)

Simulating Authenticated Broadcast in Networks of Bounded Degree

Authors: Shaolin Yu, Jihong Zhu, Jiali Yang, Yue Ma (Tsinghua University)

Simple yet Efficient Deployment of Scientific Applications in the Cloud

Authors: Leyi Sun, Yifan Zhuo, Olivier Marin (New York University Shanghai)

Enabling Conflict-free Collaborations with Cloud Storage Services

Authors: Minghao Zhao, Jian Chen, Zhenhua Li (Tsinghua University)

Dynamic Path Based DNN Synergistic Inference Acceleration in Edge Computing Environment

Authors: Meng Zhou, Bowen Zhou, Huitian Wang, Fang Dong (Southeast University); Wei Zhao (Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center, Anhui University of Technology)

Day 3: Thursday, 16 December 2021

09:00AM-10:00AM | Session15: Algorithms and Protocols III

Online Room: session 15 Link

Session Chair: Xin He (Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications)

Near-Optimal Resource Allocation and Virtual Network Function Placement at Network Edges

Authors: Yingling Mao, Xiaojun Shang, Yuanyuan Yang (Stony Brook University)

Planning Paths for UAVs to Collect Data from Disconnected Sensor Networks

Authors: Xuemeng Li, Xiaojun Zhu, Chao Dong (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics)

Highly Scalable Parallel Checksums

Authors: Christian Siebert (Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf)

Remove-Win: a Design Framework for Conflict-free Replicated Data Types

Authors: Yuqi Zhang, Hengfeng Wei, Yu Huang (State Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology, Nanjing University)

On Network-accelerated ML-based Distributed Computer Vision Systems

Authors: Hisham Siddique, Miguel Neves, Carson Kuzniar, Israat Haque (Dalhousie University)

09:00AM-10:00AM | Session16: IoT and CPS III

Online Room: session 16 Link

Session Chair: Hanjiang Luo (Shandong University of Science and Technology)

Performance Analysis of Open-Source Hypervisors for Automotive Systems

Authors: Zhengjun Zhang, Yanqiang Liu, Jiangtao Chen (Shanghai Jiao Tong University); Yifeng Zhang (Shanghai E-propulsion Auto Technology Co,Ltd); Zhengwei Qi (Shanghai Jiao Tong University); Huai Liu (Swinburne University of Technology)

A Novel iBeacon Deployment Scheme for Indoor Pedestrian Positioning

Authors: Wenping Yu (Tianjin University of Science & Technology); Jianzhong Zhang (Nankai University); Junyu Cai (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese academy of Sciences); Jingdong Xu (Nankai University)

Decentralized Service Discovery and Composition in Dynamic IoT Systems

Authors: Hessam Moeini (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); I-Ling Yen, Farokh Bastani (University of Texas at Dallas)

Indoor sneezing and coughing detection based on COTS wireless device

Authors: Zhanjun Hao, Daiyang Zhang (Northwest Normal University); Yu Duan (Xidian University); Xiaochao Dang (Northwest Normal University)

SRPeek: Super Resolution Enabled Screen Peeking via COTS Smartphone

Authors: jialuo du (Tsinghua University); Chenning Li (Michigan State University); Zhenge Guo (Xi’an Jiaotong University); Zhichao Cao (Michigan State University)

09:00AM-10:00AM | Keynote 6

Online Room: keynote 6 Link

Keynote 6: Blockchain-empowered Secure Machine Learning, Jian Weng

2:00PM-3:00PM | Session17: Security III

Online Room: session 17 Link

Session Chair: Chuan Zhao (University of Jinan)

Access Control and Anti-copy Scheme of Cloud Storage Data Based on Blockchain

Authors: Junfeng Zhao, Lu Liu, Feng Liu

ShadowDroid: Practical Black-box Attack against ML-based Android Malware Detection

Authors: Jin Zhang, Chennan Zhang (Shandong University); Xiangyu Liu (Alibaba Inc.); Yuncheng Wang, Wenrui Diao, Shanqing Guo (Shandong University)

Enabling Auction-based Cross-Blockchain Protocol for Online Anonymous Payment

Authors: Qian Zhang, Sheng Cao, Xiaosong Zhang (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)

RSU-Aided Authentication for VANET Based on Consortium Blockchain

Authors: Simeng Wang, Xing Chen, Fei Tong, Yujian Zhang (Southeast University)

Blockchain based Public Auditing Outsourcing for Cloud Storage

Authors: Yangfei Lin (Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering, University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan); Jie Li (Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China); Shigetomo Kimura, Yongbing Zhang (Faculty of Engineering, Information and Systems, University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan); Yusheng Ji (Information Systems Architecture Research Division, National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan); Yang Yang (School of Mathematics and Computer Science, Fuzhou University, Fuzhou, China)

2:00PM-3:00PM | Session18: IoT and CPS IV

Online Room: session 18 Link

Session Chair: Saiqin Long (Xiangtan University)

Split Convolutional Neural Networks for Distributed Inference on Concurrent IoT Sensors

Authors: Jiale Chen, Duc Van Le, Rui Tan (Nanyang Technological University); Daren Ho (HP Inc.)

RGC: Reliable Gesture Classification viaWearables Using GANs-Based Data Augmentation

Authors: Han Zhou (Zhejiang University, China); Ji Zhao (Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co. ,Ltd. Shanghai Branch); Yi Gao, Wei Dong (Zhejiang University, China)

M-UPS: A multi-user Pairing Scheme for NOMA-enabled Backscatter Communication Networks

Authors: Hu Zhu, Tingpei Huang (China University of Petroleum East China)

Anti-Replay: A Fast and Lightweight Voice Replay Attack Detection System

Authors: Zhuoyang Shi, Chaohao Li, Zizhi Jin, Xiaoyu Ji, Wenyuan Xu (Zhejiang University)

GraFin: An Applicable Graph-based Fingerprinting Approach for Robust Indoor Localization

Authors: Han Zheng (University of Science and Technology of China); Yan Zhang (Alibaba Local Services Lab, Alibaba Group); Lan Zhang (University of Science and Technology of China); Hao Xia (Alibaba Local Services Lab, Alibaba Group); Shaojie Bai (Zhejiang University); Guobin Shen, Tian He (Alibaba Local Services Lab, Alibaba Group); Xiangyang Li (University of Science and Technology of China)

3:05PM-4:05PM | Session19: Security IV

Online Room: session 19 Link

Session Chair: Chunpeng Ge (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics)

An Intelligent Game Theory Framework for Detecting Advanced Persistent Threats

Authors: Hao Yan (College of Intelligence and Computing, Tianjin University); Qianzhen Zhang (Science and Technology on Information Systems Engineering Laboratory, National University of Defense Technology); Junjie Xie (Institute of Systems Engineering, AMS, Beijing, China.); Ziyue Lu, Sheng Chen (College of Intelligence and Computing, Tianjin University); Deke Guo (College of Intelligence and Computing, Tianjin University and Science and Technology on Information Systems Engineering Laboratory, National University of Defense Technology)

NFT Content Data Placement Strategy in P2P Storage Network for Permissioned Blockchain

Authors: Wenquan Li, Siqi Feng, Fuqi Jin, Lanju Kong, Qingzhong Li (Shandong University)

A New Code-based Blind Signature in Rank Metric

Authors: Yanhong Qi, Xindong Liu, Liping Wang (State Key Laboratory of Information Security, Institute of Information Engineering, CAS;School of Cyber Security, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)

IEdroid:Detecting Malicious Android Network Behavior Using Incremental Ensemble of Ensembles

Authors: Cong Liu (University of Jinan); Anli Yan (Hainan University); Zhenxiang Chen (University of Jinan); Haibo Zhang (University of Otago); Qiben Yan (Michigan State University); Lizhi Peng, Chuan Zhao (University of Jinan)

Delica: Decentralized Lightweight Collective Attestation for Disruptive IoT Networks

Authors: Ziyu Wang, Cong Sun, Qingsong Yao, Duo Ding, Jianfeng Ma (Xidian University)

3:05PM-4:05PM | Session20: IoT and CPS V

Online Room: session 20 Link

Session Chair: Xiaohua Xu (University of Science and Technology of China)

An Electromagnetic Covert Channel based on Neural Network Architecture

Authors: Chaojie Gu (Zhejiang University); Jiale Chen, Rui Tan, Linshan Jiang (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

Energy Efficient Wi-Fi Tethering through Fast Convergent Transmission Power Adaptation

Authors: Yu Zhang, Guoqiang Zhang, Wenjuan Zhao, Md Shazarul Alam (Northwestern Polytechnical University); Ruiheng Xie (University of Delaware)

Anchor-free Self-Positioning in Wireless Sensor Networks via Cross-Technology Communication

Authors: Nan Jing, Bowen Zhang, Guannan Liu, Liu Yang, Lin Wang (Yanshan University)

Smartphone-based Vehicle Tracking without GPS: Experience and Improvements

Authors: Yao Tong, Shuli Zhu, Qinkun Zhong, Ruipeng Gao (Beijing Jiaotong University); Chi Li, Lei Liu (DiDi Corporation)

Collaborative Transmission over Intermediate Links in Duty-Cycle WSNs

Authors: Qianwu Chen (Northwestern Polytechnical University); Xianjin Xia (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University); Zhigang Li (Northwestern Polytechnical University); Yuanqing Zheng (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

4:20PM-5:35PM | Session21: System and Applied Data Science III

Online Room: session 21 Link

Session Chair: Xiong Wang (Peking University)

OPTI: Order Preparation Time Inference for On-demand Delivery

Authors: Zhigang Dai (Peking university); Wenjun Lyu (Rutgers University); Yi Ding (University of Minnesota); Yiwei Song (Peking University)

Review-Based Hierarchical Attention Model Trained with Random Back-Transfer for Cross-Domain Recommendation

Authors: Kuan Feng, Yanmin Zhu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Modeling User Interest Changes with Dynamic Differential Graphs for Item Recommendation

Authors: Chengyu Zhu, Yanmin Zhu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University); Xuansheng Lu (Shanghai Jiaotong University)

Load Balancing Optimization for Transformer in Distributed Environment

Authors: Delu Ma, Zhou Lei, Shengbo Chen, Peng Wang (Shanghai University)

BRNN-GAN: Generative Adversarial Networks with Bi-directional Recurrent Neural Networks for Multivariate Time Series Imputation

Authors: Zejun Wu, Chao Ma, Xiaochuan Shi, Libing Wu, Dian Zhang (Wuhan University); Yutian Tang (ShanghaiTech University)

4:20PM-5:35PM | Session22: IoT and CPS VI

Online Room: session 22 Link

Session Chair: Wei Gong (University of Science and Technology of China)

VSpace:Vehicle Spatially-Aware Sensing via Acoustic Doppler Effect

Authors: Hao Chen, Qiang Ma, Shenghong Chen, Xin Miao (Tsinghua University)

B-AUT: A Universal Architecture for Batch RFID Tags Authentication [PDF]

Authors: Yinan Zhu (Tsinghua University); Chunhui Duan (Beijing Institute of Technology); Xuan Ding, Zheng Yang (Tsinghua University)

Detection of Behavior Aging from Keystroke Dynamics

Authors: yafang yang (northwestern ploytechnical university); bin guo, yunji liang, zhiwen yu (northwestern polytechnical university)

Multi-Region Indoor Localization Based on The WVP System

Authors: Li Zhang, Yi Xu, Jinhui Bao, Qiuyu Wang (Hefei University of Technology); Jingao Xu, Danyang Li (Tsinghua University); Yaodong Yang, Min Zhang (Hefei University of Technology)

Adaptive Convolutional Neural Network Structure for Network Traffic Classification

Authors: Zhuang Han, Jianfeng Guan, Yanan Yao (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications); Su Yao (Tsinghua University)

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